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St. Charles Classic

Pickleball Tournament Results

Women's Doubles

Women’s Doubles 2.0

Gold: Johnston/Pyatt

Silver: Higdon/Wamser

Bronze: Fallert/Schoen


Women’s Doubles 2.5

Gold: Clark/Coleman

Silver: Skinner/Adolf

Bronze: Johnson/Schneider


Women’s Doubles 3.0

Gold: Karibian/Monfort

Silver: Anderson/Young

Bronze: Bolton/Zachritz


Women’s Doubles 3.5

Gold: Kronmueller/Schroeder

Silver: Anstaett/Reding

Bronze: Klein/Kennedy


Women’s Doubles 4.0

Gold: Emiliani/Butler

Silver: Schroeder/Kramer

Men's Doubles


Men’s Doubles 2.5

Gold: Glidden/Gillardi


Men’s Doubles 3.0

Gold: Tornga/Stone

Silver: Carr/Fanger

Bronze: Westfall/Bakowski


Men’s Doubles 3.5

Gold: DeGreef/DeGreef

Silver:  McCabe/Tocco

Bronze:  Surdyke/Benoist


Men’s Doubles 4.0

Gold: Carpenter/Wasserman

Silver: Ratzki/Feeney

Bronze: Nemes/Porter

Mixed Doubles


Mixed Doubles 2.5

Gold: Riley/Hoover

Silver: Meyer/Pyatt

Bronze: Westfall/Long


Mixed Doubles 3.0

Gold: Carpenter/Carpenter

Silver: Anderson/Fanger

Bronze: Schroeder/Hass


 Mixed Doubles 3.5

Gold: Kronmueller/Benoist

Silver: Moore/Goldberg

Bronze: Klein/Klein


Mixed Doubles 4.0

Gold: Emiliani/Wilkins

Silver: Butler/Bird

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